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Hardy-Built Fastening Systems for Shipping Containers
The New Zealand Herald
Auckland, Monday April 22, 1991

Hardy-Built Fastening Systems for Shipping Containers

Reusable crates and bins solve space, waste problems

Empty packing crates, which take up valuable warehouse space or create a disposal problem have become a thing of the past as a result of a knockdown, reusable system.

The US-developed system enables plywood panels to be secured together - without nails, screws, bolts or strapping - to form reusable crates and boxes.

They can be disassembled in five minutes, forming packages only 10 per cent of their former bulk.

Timpack Industries, of Hamilton, is the New Zealand agent for Hardy-Built fastening systems, and makes the reusable crates utilizing the system's spring clip locking devices.

The system works on wood as thin as 9 mm, and requires no exterior or interior cleating.

Plywood panels are designed to be interchangeable and avoid the need to replace wood crates in cases of damage.

A "tamper-evident" plug is used widely in the electronics, avionics and computer industries to alert shippers, warehouse operators and receivers that containers have been opened.

If necessary , side and back panels can be permanently joined to the base for easy side loading of exhibit displays, heavy machinery and export shipments where customs inspection is required.

Panels can be joined on the same plane to extend the system's design flexibility in a modular form.

The Hardy-Built system is fully approved by the US military and has been granted "National stock numbers".

It was used extensively during the Gulf war for transporting hospital equipment to the Middle East.

Since Timpack has been marketing the system, approval has been gained from the Australian military, which now use the system exclusively for packing spare parts for the armed forces.

Timpack initially manufactured bins for Australia at its Hamilton factory but found shipping delays limited its success.

Timpack now has an Australian plywood manufacturer constructing "Hardy-Built" boxes for the Australian domestic market.

The company is at the moment completing an order of eight container-loads of bins incorporating Hardy-Built systems to be shipped to Japan for the bulk handling of cocoa.

Timpack's involvement in making and marketing the reusable Hardy-Built crates parallels the company's commitment to protecting the environment.

All timber products are made from exotic timber, a renewable resource.

The timber is untreated. Even offcuts are useful and are disposed of through firewood contractors




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