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Turn Your Customer's Pallets Into Stackable Containers

WHY? To Provide a Unique New service for Your Customers
& Expand Your Sales/Profit Base

By using the Hardy-Built Fastening System on Individual Panels designed to mount securely on their pallets forming containers: Open frame; Closed side; & Stacked multi-section designs

  1. Container Design: Basic design either closed panel or open crate design.
  2. Panel Design: Closed panel design either cleated or uncleated. Open crate design, totally open or slatted.
  3. Pallet Design: Pallet design may be of stringer or block design and constructed of virtually any material.
  4. Variations on Panel Design: Individual panel sections removable or hinged for ease of loading or unloading.
  5. Variations on Panel Materials: Plywood, hardwood (slatted), OSB or combination of these.
  6. Other Varied Use Designs:
    • Either open panel or closed crate design built with all upper panel sections removable or hinged.
    • Containers can be constructed with one, two, or three panels at full inside height with the remaining panel(s) removable or hinged in increments which total the inside height of the container.
    • The inside walls of the container may be lined with a sleeve of corrugated fiberboard or plastic.

Advantages of the Hardy-Built System in Pallet/Container Design:

  1. Complete flexibility of design to satisfy the pallet manufacturer's customer requirements.
  2. Pallet manufacturer's ability to provide a greater range of product for his or her customer.
  3. Developing a closer, more productive, expanding relationship with the pallet manufacturer's customers.
  4. Developing a broader sales base for the pallet manufacturer with his or her present customers as well as new customers.
  5. Increasing the pallet manufacturer's revenue stream, and hence his or her total profit potential.

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