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Snap down, snap off - safe and secure, yet easy to use.

The Hardy-Built® System - providing solutions to all your material handling needs.

Designed to save time and money!

Re-usable, easy to use, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective, the Hardy-Built® System is adaptable to any industry.

American-made, government tested and approved , with N.S.N.* on all parts, the Hardy-Built® System is an engineered, patented fastener used to lock together panels of wood or other materials for knockdown, re-usable containers. Virtually any thickness material fits the system.

Easily assembled and disassembled, the system is mounted and secured by one to two people in an easy, four-step process.

Flexible and fast, the Hardy-Built® System provides a variety of crating, storage and shipping solutions- from common problems to unique applications. Whether your business is electronics, avionics, computers, medical equipment, high tech industrial or low tech hardware, Hardy Built will transfer your materials efficiently, safely and securely.

The Hardy-Built® Shipping System can be applied as a "quick lid fastener" or used on stackable, modular pallet collars.

Custom-design and engineering assistance is available from Hardy-Built® Systems.

Build a materials handling system for the 21st century. Lock into Hardy-Built® - the shipping system for success.

For more information, call the Hardy-Built® Hotline at 1-800-445-HBS1, or write to Hardy-Built® System, P.O. Box 487, Ambler, PA 19002-0487

The Revolutionary Hardy-Built® System

* - N.S.N. - National Stock Numbers

Explanation of the Hardy-Built® Fastening System

What is it?

The Hardy-Built® Fastening System is an engineered, patented device attached to panels and bases that form a container when assembled. These are strong, quick to assemble, rigid boxes which are knocked down when they are to be stored or returned empty. The system provides for maximum repeat usage without damage to the container.

How does it work?

Weather resistant steel plates are secured to the edges or corners of the panels. When the two panels are placed edge to edge, the plates opposing each other are connected by a spring clip (see figure 1). The hook end of the spring clip, HBS-IV, is hooked into the HBS-I or HBS-II plate and snapped into the opposing HBS-III plate.

As Assembled:

Corner Assembly: Comprised of 1 HBS-I corner plate, 2 HBS-III strike/catch, and 2 HBS-IV spring clips. The hook end of the spring clips are inserted in the HBS-I corner plate and snapped (locked) into the HBS-III strike/catch (see figure 2).

Edge Assembly:Comprised of 1 HBS-II bracket/angle and 1 HBS-III strike/catch, this assembly is held together by one HBS-IV spring clip. The spring clip hook end is inserted in the HBS-II bracket/angle and snapped (locked) into the HBS-III strike/catch (see figure 2).

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